Procession of the Dead Christ (Good Friday – Easter). It is a symbolic representation of Christ’s Passion, which has been repeated every year for centuries. This is organized by the Confraternity of Santa Croce della Foce. The procession starts with lay brothers dressed in sackcloth and playing instruments called “battistrangole” that produce a rattling noise, and others carrying the objects characteristic of the Passion. The procession goes through the main streets of the town, starting at nightfall from the Church of Santa Croce. Big bonfires are lit in various places along the route.


The Race of the “Ceri” (May 15th) It takes place every year on the eve of the feast of the patron Saint Ubaldo. It is possible that this festival has its roots in ancient pagan rites, but its Christian character and its celebration of Saint Ubaldo are historically proven and documented. The “Ceri” are three tall, heavy wooden structures on top of which are placed the statues, respectively, of Sant’ Ubaldo (St. Ubald, protector of masons), San Giorgio (St. George, protector of merchants) and Sant’Antonio Abate (Abbot St. Antony, protector of muleteers and peasants). These structures are fixed on to frames (“barelle”), which the Ceri bearers (“ceraioli”) carry on their shoulders while running through the streets of the town and up to the Basilica of Saint Ubaldo, near the top of Monte Ingino.


The Crossbow Festival (“Palio della Balestra”) (last Sunday of May) This is a traditional contest using the ancient crossbow resting on a support. The Gubbio and Sansepolcro arbalesters, dressed in typical period costumes, meet every year in the striking setting of Piazza Grande.


The biggest Christmas Tree in the World (december 7th – January 10th) Set out on the slopes of Monte Ingino, it consists of 800 lights and 8 km of electric cable. It is lit from December 7th until January 10th every year since 1981. The luminous outline of the giant tree lies on Mount Ingino and overlooks the city where a life-size crib is held in a Franciscan park; from there the torch-light procession starts.


Classical Plays at the Roman Theatre; (July-August).
Tournament of the Quarters of Gubbio (August 14th).
Gubbio No Borders  Italian Jazz Festival (July/August).
Season of Plays at the Municipal Theatre
White Truffle Fair, also featuring local food products (end of October-beginning of November).

Appuntamenti fissi


Local Market – every Tuesday of the week.
Antique Market – third Sunday of every month.
Biological products Fair – Fourth Sunday of every month.
Car rally for the “Luigi Fagioli” Trophy – August
Gubbio Endurance – second and third week of September
Life in Gubbio – August.
Gubbio Summer Festival – July-August